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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Steve Borsuk Trip to Manila, Philippines

Just one year ago, I traveled with my friend Steve Borsuk to Philippines and after one night in Manila Place, I reached my destination on boracay, Manila Temple. I go on several international trips every now & then. I used one of the very cheap airlines which you can find on Philippines. As I like to visit different places and understanding their culture and tradition. It was very nice experience to visit Manila.

Niv Borsuk
Steve  Borsuk Manila Trip Photos

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Steve Borsuk Birthday Party Photography

Get ready for the most mammoth post, there's just so many Steve Borsuk birthday party pictures to share. I love getting to photograph of my friends, community and children. Niv Borsuk enjoyed his birthday party with his friends in Boracay.

First picture I would like to share of the boat where we celebrated that birthday:

Niv Borsuk
This is the boat called BOOTY
Steve Borsuk
Happy Birthday Steve Borsuk
Steve Borsuk
Marc and Tim
Niv Borsuk
Niv Borsuk
Niv Borsuk
Niv Borsuk
These are the some of my favorites pictures from Steve borsuk birthday party!

Friday, 7 June 2013

Steve Borsuk - A Fun and Colorful Day with Children

Capitalife Lending Inc's CEO Steve Borsuk celebrated a day with the Children’s Joy Foundation at the Toro Hills Subdivision, Quezon City.

The children enjoyed group games, singing, magic show, dancing and fun with the photo booth. We captured some most lovely moment in photos:

Niv Borsuk Steve Borsuk Niv Borsuk Steve Borsuk Niv Borsuk Steve Borsuk
Steve Borsuk said in his speech "We will continue to give joy and happiness to those children who are in need. We will held more fun activities in future for Child communities."